Apple’s 4 Marketing Strategies Create Sustainable Success

Marketing Strategy 1: Get the core to create a message to convey to users
How should marketing department learn marketing to convey the message to users, from the core?

Let’s apply the Golden Circle formula of Apple. This is also the formula that corporations, world-renowned companies like Martin Luther King, or Wright brothers have applied. But very few people succeed with the formula because:

100% of companies know what they do
More than 80% of companies know how they do
Few know why they do what
Why is that? Because with traditional marketing the messages start with “What to do” and end the campaign with the question “Why”. But with the Golden Circle formula, it starts with “Why”. That is, you need to understand why the product / company exists and operates.
With the core beliefs created, customers will also follow you, but a “religious” form. It will help the message to be transmitted strongly. With the message “Think Different“, Apple has maintained its empire until now.

Marketing Strategy 2: Approaching the pioneering customer group, making them marketing themselves
Create USP and The Tipping Point to group potential customers as well as niche customers, adapting to the trend of businesses created. Apple has created a trend for its customers, now a trend for young people, and middle-aged people. Apple’s mission is to create and enhance future digital technology. With that mission has created passion for technology believers, as well as people who love technology creation.

And thanks to that, Apple has a close customer base, helping them promote products and brands to hundreds of thousands of other people, without spending 1 dong. That group of customers is a pioneering group of customers, helping to reach a large customer base in the world. It is the premise for Apple’s four marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategy 3: Create different and creative accents but not far from actual needs
How can we learn marketing to be creative not far from reality from Apple. Evidence is from Apple’s long-standing strategies. This is a central strategy in Apple’s four marketing strategies. So how do you learn Marketing?

Apple has both improved awareness and brought new needs to users. Apple has emerged in the technology village since the 1990s, with only one iMac. iMac changes users’ perceptions about the interface and features. There are many colors to choose from, and just plug in the phone cord to connect to the Internet. It creates a great attraction for Internet users.

Marketing Strategy 4: Customers need to be comfortable with new things
Create maximum conditions for users to experience the product. You need to understand, new changes are often difficult for users to receive at the first time. They wondered whether the change would be beneficial or harmful to them. Therefore, when creating the best comfort and conditions, users will agree to experience new products.

Consider the following questions:

How do people buy and use your goods? How long have they started to see the difference?
Does it take time and money to switch to using your product?
What if you don’t like your product when you try it? (can be returned? …)
And remember, if you give them true value, you will quickly gain their affection. Customers quickly become close and comfortable agreeing to use the product. If the marketing message touches customers’ emotions, minds, “black hearts”, they will nod to agree with all the features and benefits of the product.