Want to Learn Graphic Design? Self-Study Tips for Beginners (part 2)

Learn the basics

Identify areas before study

Choose carefully the field of graphic design that you want to pursue early: 2D, 3D, web design or motion graphic. You will know what tools you need to practice very deeply. For example, if you are determined to become an illustrator then Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Ilustrator and Wacom board are the first tools to learn.

Search for necessary tools

The standard software used in graphics is Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. (If you really want to invest seriously, choose a full suite of Adobe Creative Suite, including Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Premiere, Photoshop, InDesign and After Effects.) While both are very easy to use, they have lots of great features and you will have to work hard to master them.

Join the design community

Practicing at home is a good and safe way to learn basic graphic design. You then need to bring your works to the public to receive feedback. It may be difficult at first, but put the ego aside and listen to different ideas. The results will be well worth it. It is also important to see other people’s works. You will not be limited to just one or two designs.

Every industry has a network that is an important element of graphic design, especially when you are freelancing. Make friends, stay in touch, be ready to learn and you’ll probably get jobs from relationships.

Develop you own style

You must find your own design style to express your brand, affirm your ability in the eyes of employers, in the eyes of the partner. Don’t be afraid to be different. Discover new design ideas and redesign old ones. Always remember that creativity is your best design tool.

In short, in order to succeed in self-study Graphic Design, besides knowledge, you also have to define your own style. The learning process will be better if you regularly update new trends in design.

Besides Gucci, which logos have been on trend ?

Despite being criticized for confusing logos, Gucci is still “creating a trend” on social networks. In the past, there were also logos of “stormy” brands.
Gucci “storms” with new logo scribbled like childish letters
On January 10, on Fanpage with 18 million likes, Gucci changed the avatar on social networking. Capital is the leading luxury fashion brand in Italy, representing an aristocratic and aristocratic lifestyle, the new image of Gucci is surprising. The fashion house uses the logo of a handwritten scribble like a child’s letter on a plain blue background. The words “Fall Winter 2020 Men’s Collection” even retain the shaky, uneven ink color

Previously, there were logo designs of brands that caused a stir. There are many times a brand has to edit, even remove the logo and replace it completely.

The analysis of logo images varies widely, from humorous remarks to accusations of evil-looking logos.

When the American crepe production chain IHOP for the first time improved their logo, which had been used for 20 years by adding a smile that did not offend anyone, they were accused of bringing a weak corporate image. fear factor.

Corsair technology company launched a new logo in September 2014, a month after the “Gamergate” scandal that caused women working in the industry to be harassed online and even threatened to be killed.

The company’s logo design for the game division featured two swords crossed at the hilt – this image was quickly condemned for looking like a tattoo on a woman’s lower back, a tattoo with a name: “tramp stamps” (the marks of a wandering man).

Procter & Gamble (P&G) also got in trouble with a series of accusations that forced it to abandon its logo.

This global consumer brand introduced the “man on the moon” brand image in 1851. But in the 1980s, rumors began to spread that ripples in the beard. and the man’s hair hides two horns and the inverted “666” image is a sign of a monster.

In 2007, they won $19 million in a lawsuit against rival distributor Amway spreading false allegations to link the image of P&G with Satan. Although P&G abandoned the Moon logo to replace it with a lettering logo, the image of the Moon quietly returned to their logo in the 2013 redesign.

Gaphic design trends in 2020

The begin of a new decade is frequently the sign for clean wondering and novel tactics to return to the fore, not least inside the ever-evolving global of photograph layout. in order we flow from the 2010s to the 2020s, what are the rising tendencies we ought to be retaining a watch on?

To take the temperature of creative opinion, we’ve spoken to layout experts in any respect levels of the enterprise to find out the developments they’ve been spotting, and the predictions they’re making. Study on as we monitor picture layout tendencies, masking the whole thing from logo layout to illustration, that look set to be large in 2020.

To take the temperature of creative opinion, we’ve spoken to design specialists in any respect tiers of the enterprise to find out the traits they’ve been recognizing, and the predictions they’re making. Study on as we display image layout developments, overlaying the whole lot from brand layout to instance, that appearance set to be massive in 2020.

  1. Intensifying minimalism
    In the latter half of the 2010s, we’ve visible minimalist, flat layout dominate the sector of virtual. And the designers at Grady Britton agree with the fashion is best going to heighten as we input the 2020s. “in keeping with advertising’s ongoing quest for transparency and honesty, layout will continue to strip away extra aptitude and embellishment and flow toward a far easier, straightforward presentation,” says organization creative director Brian Dixon. “it can even veer into deliberately unfinished at instances, as believability is the priority.”

Fashion designer Paul Levy consents. “The ubiquity of flat layout, regarding number one shades, easy, intuitive two-dimensional illustrations and clean-to-read kind, will continue to grow,” he predicts. And this is not pretty much aesthetics, however characteristic too. “the main advantage of flat design is in allowing customers to quickly interact with interfaces, and locate the content material they are searching out.”
And while flat design has a reputation for being cold and unfeeling, it needn’t be so. Certainly, senior artwork director Adam Murdoch believes that in 2020, “design minimalism will shift in the direction of the warm and comfortable, with interactive layout’s white-and-light, luxury logo coloration palette going heat and friendlier; and beige, sage and light yellow displaying up greater often.”

2. Abstract 3D and colourful
Perhaps as a backlash in opposition to the recognition of flat minimalism, we’ve seen abstract 3D bureaucracy entering their very own over the last yr. “software program updates that have democratised 3D render technology are assisting power this fashion,” notes Tamryn Kerr, accomplice creative director at VMLY&R. “The beautiful work produced for the Greenwich Peninsula festival by means of Droga5 is a extremely good example, both on the posters and animated for virtual. Like watching a well-designed lava lamp, a mesmerising bubble shape actions elegantly throughout the display screen, right away catching your attention and drawing you into the records piece.”

Alex Halfpenny, design director at Elmwood, paints a similar photo. “Neons, fluorescents and bright vibrant colors remain the move-to for designers to help layout stand out,” he stresses. “Favouring digital software, or special print colours, the addition of subtle gradients assist colorings feel alive, and provide layout a youthful and destiny-facing, constructive aesthetic.”

3. Type-best tactics
Have you ever observed how the variety of designs taking a type-most effective method appears to be growing? “Ultimately manufacturers are braving typographic layout over pictures and I expect we’ll see even greater companies adopt this attitude in 2020,” says Emily Benwell, virtual layout and advertising specialist at Liberty advertising.

In the meantime Chris Willis, head of layout at VMLY&R, feels 2020 ought to in the end be the 12 months of variable fonts. “There are several high profile designers already running in this area, so it’s poised to go mainstream,” he says. “This technology is specifically thrilling within the digital space, wherein the opportunities are limitless.”

And Grady Britton clothier Katie Larosa believes that type is most effective going to get more creative in this subsequent decade. “There’s these days been a fashion to break the regulations that, as designers, we by no means thought you may break,” she says. “In 2020, I predict we’ll see more formidable, decorative typography that pushes conventional limitations, and a few ‘bad’ layout carried out on reason.”

Olympic and Paralympic Games 2022, 2024 mascots and logos

On October 22, the host city of Paris, the Summer Olympic Games and the 2024 Paralympic Games announced the logos of the world’s two largest sporting events.

On October 22, the host city of Paris, the Summer Olympic Games and the 2024 Paralympic Games announced the logos of the world’s two largest sporting events. This is the first time in history that two sporting events have the same symbol.

The logo is made in an art-deco style, is a circular drawing depicting a stylized fire on a yellow background. The lines of the flare still echo the lines of Marianne’s lips and facial expressions, the image of the personification of the Republic of France since 1789. The announcement of the logo clearly stated that the logo had three symbols: a yellow circle. symbolizing the sports medal, the flame is the soul of the Olympic and Paralympic, and Marianne represents France.

This new logo will replace the “24” Eiffel Tower used in the campaign to win the bid. The organizers call this a symbol for the new stage, which is no longer a campaign to host, but rather promote the event to the public and potential sponsors. The logo that represents the pride of the host country is welcomed worldwide in 2024.

The logo is hung in front of the famous Grand Rex cinema door when it is first launched to the French capital.

The mascot of the c in 2022 is the image of the “Don Don Don” panda, while the Paralympic mascot is the “Snow Dung Dung” lantern.

On the evening of September 17, the mascot of the Winter Olympics and the 2022 Paralympic Games for the Disabled was held in Beijing, China.

The mascot of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games is the “Don Don Don” Panda, whose English name is Bing Dwen Dwen. With the image of anthropomorphized from a close, lovely animal, dubbed the “national treasure” of China, Panda “Don Don Don” embodies the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature. The name of the mascot means pure, resilient, robust and vivacious.

Meanwhile, the mascot of the Winter Olympic Games for the Paralympic 2022 is the image of the “Snow Dung Dung” Lantern, whose English name is Shuey Rhon Rhon. Inspired by the familiar red lantern, the 2022 Beijing Winter Paralympic mascot, “Snow Dung Dung,” carries in itself the sense of purity, harmony, warmth and tolerance.

Reportedly, the mascots were selected from nearly 6000 designs sent to the Organizing Committee. In addition to Chinese works, there are designs of 35 countries around the world. The mascot was chosen by two design teams of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and the Jilin Academy of Art, China.

The 2022 Winter Olympics will take place in Beijing and towns in the vicinity of Hebei Province, China, from February 4 to 20, 2022. Meanwhile, the 2022 Winter Paralympic Games will take place from March 4 to 13, 2022.

Canva- An interesting online graphic design tools

What is Canva? Canva is a tool with all the features and functions that anyone can use to create and share a lot of interesting content. This useful tool is helping small businesses overcome the biggest hurdles when planning effective implementation of content marketing campaigns, namely: Creating “Exciting” and “Consistent” content. ”.

  1. Create different types of content

As you can see below, Canva offers a lot of different types of content. From the standard size models used for social networking sites to the documents, presentations, invitations and images for marketing advertising purposes. You will find almost everything you need in Canva.

If you want to make content that Canva doesn’t already have a template, you can always create a custom template to your liking.

Even, the collection of content samples of Canva is growing to serve you. For example, Canva recently introduced content templates for eBooks and resumes.

2. Drag and Drop

Like most solutions today, Canva provides drag and drop functionality for your ease of use. In addition, Canva also integrates a search feature, which helps you easily discover the visual elements you want to add to your content.

3. Millions of images and fonts for you to choose

Whether you use a free or paid Canva image or even a photo you upload, Canva offers a very easy-to-use photo editing feature, which you can change the look of the image using the settings. including filters, tones, brightness and more.

4. Collaborate on Cava

Canva makes it easy to collaborate with others to discuss or edit your content and design. Just click the “Share” button in the edit and enter the email you want to collaborate.

If you do not check the box that the red arrow in the image indicates, then you are just discussing the content you created. If you tick, then you are asking to collaborate to edit your content. Whatever the collaboration, an email will be sent by Canva to the person you invite to collaborate.

5. Conclusion

Creating content to get customers’ attention is always the hardest part when making a marketing campaign.

Canva helps you create your desired content quickly and easily, even if you know little or absolutely no graphic design skills.

No matter whether you use content designed by Canva online or outside, you can always create a large amount of different content to attract your customers; And isn’t that the ultimate goal of marketing?

Should We Choose Graphic Design Studies?

This article is made for those who are preparing to turn graphic design into their passion and hard-working people are looking for additional elements to reach the pinnacle of Graphic design.

Graphics is a field of communication in which the message is received through the visual path. Graphic design is to create visual solutions for communication issues. Because this is an industry associated with the rapid development of information technology, this is truly a fertile land for future development of students.

Graphic design is an industry with many demands but few supply, so those with certain skills will be very easy to get a job without a degree, as well as many opportunities for promotion later. Even without a teacher, you can still consult, learn and apply the superior knowledge of graphic design on the internet. In general, a promising future is waiting ahead, as well as a process of learning effortless without too many barriers, which are the reasons for making graphic design attractive.

The following is the information summarized by the advice of professional graphic designers in improving their own design ability as well as satisfying the most customers.

The graphic design industry is gradually transforming itself and a good designer not only needs creativity with a beautiful portfolio to accomplish the job of telling himself. But designers need to compete with speaking skills to gain the trust of customers, thereby gaining orders and earning more income.

Being a beginner, join internship regimes to learn the new technologies that companies are using, along with the needs of actual customers is a way that will almost always be more effective than participating into paid courses only to learn the knowledge of simulating customer needs and how to use the old software according to the lesson plan of the center.

If you are someone who has been experienced for many years and is pursuing higher levels of graphic design, you should clear the qualifications aside because they have almost no meaning to the designer. in general. At this level, most designers will also have to face another pressure from orders that customers are fastidious or improperly behaved. However, customers are always gods, they are giving you the opportunity to improve your skills and pay you anymore, so everyone should be spiritually conceded to certain customers.

Creative font forecasting “deviantly” in 2019

Bringing beautiful typography into your design is one of the most effective ways to communicate as a brand. That’s why catching up with the latest font trends is absolutely essential.

Creative fonts not only bring your message but also create visual impact and emotional stimulation. Typhography can express pleasure or fear, noise or quietness. Or it can make you laugh, cringe, gasp – and contain everything in it.

Let’s look at the latest 2019 font trends below, so you can use it flexibly in your design!

  1. Bold, extra large font
    In 2019, huge, impressive and bold fonts will continue to become more and more popular with designers looking to impress. These impressive typographs dominate the design as a mainstream design element and are an obvious choice if you want your message to be clear.

Bold fonts make your logo pop on anything you put it on. Posters and leaflets will be easy to see from afar. And your website will exude a strong personality.

2. Simple “sans serif” footless font
Meet your brother against bold typography: a simple sans serif font (a serif-free font, small footer in every corner), will continue to be a favorite for simple designs in 2019. Thanks to simplicity, these fonts are very easy to work with. It does not require visualization and is very effective when used well.

The simple Sans serif makes the work clear and soft with a sense of peace and quiet. Give it space or you risk taking away its charm.

3. Classic font
The more we go to the future, the more we will be nostalgic about the past. That’s true for fashion design, furniture, and graphics. Therefore, it is not surprising that in 2019 many fonts will be recreated and tried to capture the past.
Using a nostalgic font can make a design or logo package become elegant and serious. Or daring, but nostalgic and subtle. If you want to bring a classic feeling to the modern world, this style is for you.

4. Sketched fonts
Sketched font styles will never be outdated. They provide the flexibility and flexibility of handwriting and are built on the subtle typography of calligraphers. However, this font has grown a lot and in 2019 they will bring many different shapes and styles. They can be classic or alternative, serious or cheerful. No matter which style you choose, the effect will be extremely surprising when using this type of font.

5. Border fonts
Whether you are trying to make headlines, themes or manuscripts or make the composition soft, this font will help you. With modern style from this invisible border type font helps brands look advanced and professional. Learn about it with different morphologies and sizes: big or small, often or bold, condensed or italic, rustic and handmade or smooth and sharp.