“Choose Phenomenal” feminist campaign of NIKE Brand

Breaking all gender stereotypes in sports, Nike Korea and Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo had an impressive collaboration in the “Choose Phenomenal” feminist campaign – urging women to live with passion to each A passing day is a miracle.
“Choose Phenomenal” is a continuation of the wave of cheering on the “pink ball” in the sports field from the previous “Dream Crazier” ad – re-creating the discrimination faced by female athletes. The latest ad for Nike Korea was only 60 seconds in length, which really spread the passion of fire to “half the world” in general and the generation of female athletes in Kim Chi land in particular.
The advertisement begins with the familiar image of Korea – Doljabi, a solemn ritual that takes place in the baby’s cradle. Parents will put a lot of things like books, pens, mirrors and babies will choose their own “destiny”. Will that destiny follow them to life as people think?

Not only the appearance of Korean female athletes, “Choose Phenomenal” also brings together many famous singers and stars in K-Pop entertainment to highlight women’s success. when brave choose their own path.

“Is your power determined by appearance? Your living goal determined by the class? Or your fate is also judged by others? ”Facing prejudices about women who are passionate about sports, that women born only to families, cooks, Nike Korea and Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo want to assert It is up to anyone to have the right to live with their dreams and to write their own wonderful stories. Because when making your own choice, you won’t know how far that choice will take you. The campaign also shows that the invisible power of sport can remove all barriers, a motivation for women to become stronger and more resilient than they think. On that difficult but glorious journey, the NIKE brand mark always accompanies them.

Nike has been “living” in accordance with the slogan “Just Do It”, and at the same time fulfills its mission of spreading passion to sporty women who dare to cope with challenges to achieve extraordinary things in life.