Frozen 2: Elsa Returns with High-Class Graphics

The sequel to Frozen takes us on a magical adventure of two sisters: the frozen queen Elsa and princess Anna.

Frozen is an inspired work based on the fairy tale The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen and reinvented by Disney. The film is centered on the affection of siblings and redefines the true value of the phrase “happiness forever after”. Although Frozen 2 did not reach the previous level, the magical adventure of the main characters with the best soundtrack, certainly still more than able to leave the audience watching the movie and especially the children with unforgettable fairy moments.

Not only for the audience to be satisfied with the listening section, but this time Disney is also very hard to invest in the viewing. The company took the graphical engineering of Frozen 2 to a whole new level. Every little detail is meticulously cared for, making the film become sparkling, vivid, mesmerizing every frame, especially in the climax and especially underwater scenes.

Frozen 2 clearly expressed Disney’s ambition to extend the brand when the image and background of the story were clearly invested. If Frozen (2013) almost only takes place in the snow-covered kingdom of Arendelle, then Frozen 2 has a background stretching from the edge of autumn red forests, murky caves, to the ocean stirring.

The frames come to life with lots of hot colors. Graphics in the film have made great progress compared to the first part 6 years ago. Shaping of familiar human character groups are meticulously designed to each hair or needle thread.

Meanwhile, a series of “supernatural” characters such as Olaf, water horse or stone giant show the elaboration in every move and detail. The action is also authentic and has a smooth combination with the surrounding environment, such as a fluttering skirt fluttering in the wind or a patch of wet spots caused by seawater.

Compared to the first part, the series of scenes displaying Elsa’s icy power appears with much more dense and majestic frequency. That comes from the character having to go through many challenges, conquering many opponents in his journey.