Graphic Design: Football Past and Present

The following set of graphics images shows the fundamental differences in football today and the time of dozens of years ago.

Coach outfit

Ancient strategists preferred to wear gym clothes and wear a stopwatch on their necks. Their non-secrecy is a notebook used to record everything. Today’s strategist in addition to training also plays a famous fashion face. They always dress elegantly and luxuriously in official matches. The paper handbook is now replaced by a tablet, which helps coaches control everything from scheduling exercises to monitoring individual players’ stats.


Previous players mainly advertised cars and gasoline. For example, David Beckham advertised a famous oil company in 2003. Today’s players can advertise everything. Christina Ronaldo also took advantage of the physical advantage to sell a wide range of items such as shoes, perfume, shirts, underwear and more.


Tens of years ago, sponsors are a force to support the development of the team. Now, their money is the main income. The shirt of dozens of years ago is usually half sponsored in the front of the body, and today, from the chest, the front, the two shoulders, the bears are covered with all kinds of logos.


Today, teams and players do a lot of tricks to try to reduce the penalty. They posted aggressive tweets, episodes or photos and appeals.

Clothes number

In the past, the number of shirts was limited from 1 to 11 with a very clear division. Today, players freely choose their favorite number.

After the match

Today’s players are strictly forbidden to drink beer in the dressing room like their predecessors. They immediately had to soak in ice or high-pressure cold chambers to recover as quickly as possible.

The hairstyle of the player

In the old days, football players mostly let the same long hairstyle swipe backward. Today, all eccentricity and bizarreness are accepted and even considered unique. The stadium really became a laboratory for hairdressing shops.