Graphic Design Software

Graphic Design Software

Graphic design software is an indispensable tool to any graphic designer, one that you should be able to use without having issues and one that can get the job done. There are multitudes of software available on the market but here are a few that are currently in the top ranks:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC

This software can work on Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac and Cloud (web-based) platforms. It is a very popular choice for freelancers, small businesses and large enterprises. Some of its advanced features include color and luminance masking controls, brush management and brush smoke smoothing, curvature pen tool and Lightroom photo access. Prices range for individuals and businesses, but the average monthly plan is US$29.99.

  • Blender

This software can work on Windows, Linux, Max and Cloud (web-based) platforms. Its customer base includes freelancers and small businesses. Advanced features include Python scripting capabilities, film animation tools, a path-tracer render engine, a built-in compositor and a game engine to allow users to create 3D games. There are various packages ranging from as low as US$11.50 per month to US$127 per year.

  • CorelDraw Graphic Suite 2017

This software can only work on Windows platforms and can be used by freelancers and small, medium and large businesses. The CorelDraw Graphic Suite includes seven solutions which are CorelDraw 2017, Corel Website Creator, CorelCONNECT 2017, Corel Font Manager 2017, Corel CAPTURE 2017, CorelPHOTO PAINT 2017 and Corel PowerTrace 2017. With so many features, this application is considered one of the cutting-edge solutions for persons in several different industries. There is a 15-day free trial version. If you wish to own it, you can purchase the complete version for US$635 with a 30-day money back guarantee or subscribe for an annual enterprise pricing plan at US$16.50 per month.

  • Fotor

This software is supported on Windows, Mac and Cloud (web-based) platforms. It is commonly used by freelancers and small and medium businesses. There is a free version available offering basic features, but the more advanced features include templates, photo effects, and custom designed stickers. Pricing plans range from US$8.99 per month or US$3.33 per month/billed annually, for the Fotor Pro version.

  • Inkscape

This software works on Windows, Linux, Mac and Cloud (web-based) platforms. Its customers include freelancers as well as small and medium businesses. Some advanced features include object manipulation. Boolean operations, bitmap tracing, SVG format file generation and editing, node movement, editing alignment and distribution as drawing, shape, calligraphy, pencil and pen tools, to name a few. This software is a free and open source vector graphics editor.

  • Krita

This software is supported on Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac and Cloud (web-based) platforms. Its customer base includes freelancers, small, medium and large businesses. Advanced features of this software include layer management, drawing assistants, transform tools and brush engines, amongst others. Since this software is a free, open source painting tool, there are no pricing plans.

There are many different types of graphic design software available online. The most suitable software to use would depend on what your needs are. Some offer editing for both picture and video content while some offer for only one type of content.