The result of inspiration in design: Today, there are many design websites that offer quite a lot of images and information to inspire. Indeed, these websites offer a great number of great design products, which helps Graphic Designers a lot in finding inspiration. But besides, there are still disadvantages. The following are two areas of negative and “inspiration” in design:
1. Save time and effort:

For Graphic designers, who are looking for a quick way for their design project, inspiration search is a great tool to save time and effort. Although it does not need to be cautious to rely solely on inspiration, it saves time to brainstorm and recall design ideas anyway. For graphic designers who want to delay or run short of time, it is the wisest way to do the job.

2. Limiting creativity: As mentioned above, inspiration has its advantages but also brings some disadvantages. When you become too dependent on inspirational websites to give you design ideas, and then your creativity becomes limited. For any graphic designer, it is not a good sign and because that limits the ability to develop your design thinking.

3. Higher can become the idea:

On the other hand, using inspiration can cause serious copyright and copyright issues. Since you are just modifying some of the small details of an existing design, it will be easy to recognize. One of the features of each designer is unique. This cannot be achieved by using only inspirational materials.

4. Learn about new trends: Regardless of the fact that inspiration inspires your creative thinking, it will help you become a diligent learner. Since thousands of creative designers offer design concepts and ideas on an inspiring basis, it gives you a huge treasure of new design trends.

5. Causes of distraction:

The period of time you use the internet for ideas makes you distract significantly. Considering the myriad of blogs and websites that offer a myriad of design inspiration, Graphic designers are bound to click on content. Moreover, social networks like Twitter and Facebook will always make you constantly waste time. The result of creative design: Designers working hard to use their brains to create a concept from scratch also reap different benefits. However, there are some limitations.

The following are the results using only your head in graphic design:

1. Create unique ideas:

First, when you have no aid from any source, you are bound to create unique, new and different ideas. The concepts that you create using thoughts in your head will be something unknown.

2. Infinite creativity: As I emphasize above, inspiration is bound to your ability to think like a graphic designer. Therefore, by working solely on your own intellectual basis, you can have an infinite and skillful creativity. And then, you will have complete freedom with creative thoughts. new by yourself. You can brainstorm new and completely new ideas, which is an important stage in developing a design project.

 3. Feeling proud:

Of course you will be proud of yourself when creating a design art product created by yourself.

4. Create your own trend: Design inspiration is all the trends that have been done from one or more Graphic designers. But when you use your intelligence and brain power, you create a whole new trend. Instead it is a follower trend, you will become a leader.

5. Requires other relative time:

On the other hand, only based on your intelligence is relatively time consuming. Because the design types follow a comprehensive process, it involves the time that designers get inspired directly from different websites and end the project. So: What is your choice?

Graphic Design: How to Create a Great Sport Event Poster

Unlike the images of ordinary athletes, advertising posters for sports events are images that bring in the exciting and passionate spirit of sports. They stimulate enthusiasm and passion for sports, which makes viewers interested in the events that the poster refers to. Here are a few notes when you want to design promotional posters for sporting events.

1. Design theme

The first thing you want to design a poster is to identify the theme. We need to know the poster introduces which event, sport or product promotion. If misidentification or understanding of the problem, it is easy to make the designer go wrong in affecting the quality when designing.

2. Attention

Poster for sports events should show the skill and power of the athletes or the sport that the poster mentioned. You can also add graphic elements to create accents for the poster, which makes the ad poster help heat the game. In addition, it will also stimulate the viewers’ love and passion for sports in order to motivate them to watch and cheer for the event.

3. Colors

Color is an extremely important element in sports posters. Strong tones like red, black, dark blue, yellow and more are often used to create a strong feeling.

4. Text

You need to express your ideas through color and good graphics and not text. A poster with too many words on it is never a good idea. No one wants to stop and read each line on a poster.

5. Information

Information on a sports poster must be really understandable and arranged appropriately. Posters should be designed with the most important parts first, then less important information will be scaled down or folded backward. Usually, in sports posters, photos of events and athletes will be placed in the center and the textual information placed at the bottom of the order will create a feeling of rising and unrestricted. This arrangement also helps viewers to immediately grasp the sport or product that the poster refers to.

Advertising poster design is an interesting job. However, it also requires the designer to have an imagination and a passion for sports to create a poster that can inspire viewers.


How to Choose Best Monitors for Graphic Design in 2019

Graphic design is a job that requires a high level of display of color, definition or aspect ratio. Which is the ideal choice for graphic people in 2019.

The color display is accurate

With the design work, accurate color is one of the most influential factors in the quality of finished products when printing and showing. However, besides the wide color coverage, a design screen should also be color-aligned to achieve the highest accuracy.

LG has conquered users when it launched the color display line with perfect accuracy thanks to the IPS panel with 99% coverage of the sRGB color spectrum, which was calibrated in advance, reached the target. HDR10 standard supports color levels and brightness to improve the best contrast. Especially the screen UltraWide model 34WK95U-W is equipped with Nano IPS panel technology – the most advanced IPS technology developed by LG itself – showing wider color space and more subtle colors. With 98% DCI-P3 coverage (equivalent to 135% sRGB), this panel is able to display colors in the richest way, absorbing Nano yellow and orange technology is not needed to show red most accurately.

In addition to the UtraWide series of monitors, GraphicDesign display line is also the ideal choice for the design people. In particular, model 27UL850-W owns 4K resolution and especially owns the ArcLine stand design that allows height, tilt and rotate to be 90 degrees, providing the most flexible user experience. LG’s display lines also support VESA DisplayHDRTM 400, VESA DisplayHDR ™ 600 with a wide range of brightness and contrast, allowing users to experience images accurately.

Frame rate 21: 9

Recently, ultra-widescreen models – the 21: 9 aspect ratio are being taken care of by professional designers because of the spacious and convenient display space for users. Besides the ability to display accurate colors, large-sized screens are popular thanks to the more generous workspace. All toolbars are fully displayed, long layers do not need to be pulled. Thus, you will work more conveniently and comfortably, which helps your creativity best. 21: 9 ratio screen can meet all the needs of a professional designer such as video editing, website design, drawing illustration or graphic design.

Creative fire-warming tactics for marketing teams

It is not easy to maintain continuity of creativity. Therefore, it is natural that at some point your marketing team will not be able to produce great campaigns as expected.

Try to experience a new place
Changing the context can bring surprising results: new ideas. If the marketing team is closed in a cramped little corner, without a window, maybe this is the time to find them for a new feel. Why not treat everyone to a coffee or breakfast – the group can discuss together to find new ideas in a place other than the office.

Clean up the space, spread joy
Let’s retire from things that hold us and keep only inspiring things. Find a suitable place to stick notes and hang whiteboards. On the digital space, don’t forget to clean up the analytical interfaces – remove meaningless metrics.

Cleaning up real space and virtual space will give people space to think and light up their creativity.
Come to nature
If you find exhaustion, the “natural vitamin D dose” is probably an effective prescription. New scenes, free movement and discussion will help people think differently than when in four narrow walls.

Extraordinary meetings are a way to inspire marketing teams, helping them come up with new proposals that have never been discussed before.

Clarify goals
If the marketing department or any member of the group does not keep up with the company’s goals, their ideas will not meet the general requirements.

Every member needs to understand the business objectives so that all projects bring real value to the company on the overall scale.

Once you understand the big picture and the role of each department, the idea will be cleared, the members will have a realistic orientation and a clear purpose.

Encourage coordination with other departments
Consider the ability to coordinate, “pair” with another part of the company so that the marketing team can listen to ideas that come from a completely different perspective. Give people time to express their opinions and learn from each other. For example, a successful customer service provider can bring a completely different perspective that the marketing department cannot see.

Change the context
Sometimes, the reason for running out of ideas is because people are reluctant to “show sillyness.” So change the context so people don’t mind giving the most ridiculous ideas. Among them may appear some feasible proposals. If you don’t want to push the limit a little further and allow your teammates to “dream”, they may never say their ideas.

If creative ideas become sparse, “take a break”: do other things and come back later. When you think too much about a topic, your brain will be under pressure and difficult to create. Let the group continue with another job and return to the project on that day or week if time permits.

“Choose Phenomenal” feminist campaign of NIKE Brand

Breaking all gender stereotypes in sports, Nike Korea and Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo had an impressive collaboration in the “Choose Phenomenal” feminist campaign – urging women to live with passion to each A passing day is a miracle.
“Choose Phenomenal” is a continuation of the wave of cheering on the “pink ball” in the sports field from the previous “Dream Crazier” ad – re-creating the discrimination faced by female athletes. The latest ad for Nike Korea was only 60 seconds in length, which really spread the passion of fire to “half the world” in general and the generation of female athletes in Kim Chi land in particular.
The advertisement begins with the familiar image of Korea – Doljabi, a solemn ritual that takes place in the baby’s cradle. Parents will put a lot of things like books, pens, mirrors and babies will choose their own “destiny”. Will that destiny follow them to life as people think?

Not only the appearance of Korean female athletes, “Choose Phenomenal” also brings together many famous singers and stars in K-Pop entertainment to highlight women’s success. when brave choose their own path.

“Is your power determined by appearance? Your living goal determined by the class? Or your fate is also judged by others? ”Facing prejudices about women who are passionate about sports, that women born only to families, cooks, Nike Korea and Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo want to assert It is up to anyone to have the right to live with their dreams and to write their own wonderful stories. Because when making your own choice, you won’t know how far that choice will take you. The campaign also shows that the invisible power of sport can remove all barriers, a motivation for women to become stronger and more resilient than they think. On that difficult but glorious journey, the NIKE brand mark always accompanies them.

Nike has been “living” in accordance with the slogan “Just Do It”, and at the same time fulfills its mission of spreading passion to sporty women who dare to cope with challenges to achieve extraordinary things in life.

Graphic Design: Football Past and Present

The following set of graphics images shows the fundamental differences in football today and the time of dozens of years ago.

Coach outfit

Ancient strategists preferred to wear gym clothes and wear a stopwatch on their necks. Their non-secrecy is a notebook used to record everything. Today’s strategist in addition to training also plays a famous fashion face. They always dress elegantly and luxuriously in official matches. The paper handbook is now replaced by a tablet, which helps coaches control everything from scheduling exercises to monitoring individual players’ stats.


Previous players mainly advertised cars and gasoline. For example, David Beckham advertised a famous oil company in 2003. Today’s players can advertise everything. Christina Ronaldo also took advantage of the physical advantage to sell a wide range of items such as shoes, perfume, shirts, underwear and more.


Tens of years ago, sponsors are a force to support the development of the team. Now, their money is the main income. The shirt of dozens of years ago is usually half sponsored in the front of the body, and today, from the chest, the front, the two shoulders, the bears are covered with all kinds of logos.


Today, teams and players do a lot of tricks to try to reduce the penalty. They posted aggressive tweets, episodes or photos and appeals.

Clothes number

In the past, the number of shirts was limited from 1 to 11 with a very clear division. Today, players freely choose their favorite number.

After the match

Today’s players are strictly forbidden to drink beer in the dressing room like their predecessors. They immediately had to soak in ice or high-pressure cold chambers to recover as quickly as possible.

The hairstyle of the player

In the old days, football players mostly let the same long hairstyle swipe backward. Today, all eccentricity and bizarreness are accepted and even considered unique. The stadium really became a laboratory for hairdressing shops.

Architects design and earn real money from “The Sims”

Five years ago, an Australian student who studied graphic design in Italy suddenly had a stomach problem. So frustrated with lying all day on the bed, the young girl started to look at the video game-play of “The Sims” to see if she could be sad.

However, while she was too tired to support her character, she found a community of YouTuber not playing, but loved the design of the house in “The Sims”.

After returning to Australia, she began posting videos of her works on Youtube via Deligracy channel. To date, Deligracy has more than 810,000 followers, not to mention earning revenue from phones, cups, phone cases.

The unimaginable success made her leave the graphic designer job to focus on Deligracy. There are countless people willing to sit for hours just watching her tiny apartments in The Sims.
In the past few years, the fever of small apartments has flooded from the real world to virtual, namely the home in The Sims. What is the reason?

“In the design world, people start looking for small houses in the game as an alternative means of learning. It’s great to learn how to handle the narrow space to suit your lifestyle. .. “Deligracy told Fast Company via email.

In terms of design, The Sims is like an architectural simulation software, and the characters (Sims) are just a means to test the performance of the house.

With James Turner, the owner of the same YouTube channel Deligracy – The Sims Supply, with 1.1 million followers, building a home in a game or in real life is an interesting challenge.

“I love them, just like you have to solve a puzzle, install small pieces to make a big picture.”

“I know how to make an imaginary house, even know how many people they fit in. Anyway, I want it to match the game-play.”
One of Turner’s first homes in The Sims has a 4×4 area (in-game unit), though small, enough kitchens, bathrooms, beds and wardrobes … Has attracted 4.7 million view.

In particular, other players can download the design to build a new home for Sims. The magnificent luxury houses in real life do not create such great attraction.
Most fans of Youtube channel of Deligracy and Turner appreciate their design ability. Others relate to the reality because land area is smaller and smaller, living in tiny apartments that are the future of people in any country.


Game designing is not for non-trainers

From the dragon hunts in Skyrim to the moments of sublimation on stage with Guitar Hero – has there ever been a time when you put down the handle and think about the formation of these legends?
In a technology era that is growing at a fast pace, games now have a completely different look. A world with tremendous attraction, with images, colors, and sounds with a level of authenticity that is not inferior to the real world, where gamers can immerse themselves in their own adventures.

Considered as the golden egg chickens in the modern game industry, game-makers need to converge enough, indispensable among them is shaping skills like a painter, and the skill of creating sentences, story like a writer. But most of all, they need to possess basic software and programming skills, thereby transferring their images and stories to a game.
A talented game designer needs to turn his work into a real story, with all the knots, the dramatic thrust to the climax, along with the sound environment and graphics as vivid as real. It is a necessary condition for their children to survive in the gaming market with high competitiveness.

So, how did they do that? Designing games, is it simply a mischief about software, meaningless code? Let’s find through the article below.

Game design – First steps

Just like any other design work, the first thing you need is a frame. Making a frame for a game, basically, is quite similar to building a movie. You need a story, details and characters – in particular, you need a script in hand.

This scenario will be the foundation for your child. Even the script has to be in your head before you start designing. A game without a good script will be like a hotel hard to swallow for a player, no matter how big the graphic is.
Basically, script design can be interpreted as thinking of ideas for characters, as well as your scenes, then arranging them in order. It’s like setting up a series of facts for your character, bringing that character to face the challenges of increasing difficulty. To solve these challenges, your character needs certain skills – specifically, what you choose entirely.

Along with the script, the next thing you need is a document that stores all aspects related to the game. From menu, items, skills to the story of each character. The more specific the better, and in particular, everything needs to be arranged in a certain order.
Character building is also a very important factor. This will be the most scored part of the player’s eyes, so you need to give your characters adequate attention. From the face, personality, story of the character to the very small things like smiles, costumes …, you need to make sure everything is perfect.

10 Tips for Graphic Design Students

Here are some tips that the graphic design students should keep in mind to develop themselves.

1. You are not the first one

There have been hundreds of thousands of people opening studios, freelancing or getting a job trial at foreign companies.

2. There are many better people better than you

No matter how good you are, there will always be someone better than you, even 10,000.123654789 times you, so don’t waste time worrying about it.

3. Success is not a finite resource

Schools often infect your head with a superficial thought that someone will have to fail before you win. But in fact, the success of others does not affect you at all.

4. You cannot succeed without goals

If you don’t know what you want, how can you pursue it? Setting a goal helps you have a destination, and of course, a point to start.

5. Let your product look good

If you want people to see your work, make it easy to see. At times, customers only need to view JPG or PDF files.

6. Be proactive with opportunities

You will feel quite cheeky when doing so, but you have to proactively ask for it. Asking for an exhibition or name in a magazine is necessary. If you are not active, you will have nothing.

7. Give sketches, not polish ideas

Customers often confuse rough designs as well as final designs. Giving out sketches when you can makes them feel that they are involved.

8. Be responsible

If the job has errors, please take responsibility. It seems difficult but responsible, which means you can do something.

9. The awards are great but not too important

The certificates of merit on the shelf are beautiful, but customers rarely pick up the phone to contact you because of them. However, good products encourage them to do so.

10. Search for criticism, not compliments

You won’t learn anything when being told how good you are, even if what you make is perfect, look for criticism, always ask “how can I make it better?” , “What is the problem with this work?”, you always have a choice to ignore some criticism if you find them unreasonable.