The Colors Trend of 2019 for Designing

Color greatly affects buyers’ psychology as well as the selection of products. Every year there is a new color trend and whether it is a digital marketer or a graphic designer, it is helpful to know in advance these trends for your design work. Here are 6 color trends that are expected to be popular in 2019 design circles.

1. Coral color (Coral)
Because life is always growing fast, sometimes people are looking for a peaceful feeling in this hustle of life. “Color is like a balanced prism that reflects natural and digital realities, and this is especially true of coral orange,” said Leatrice Eiseman, CEO of Pantone Color Institute. told Forbes magazine. Leatrice argues that “for consumers who crave human interaction and social connection, the humanistic and passionate qualities expressed by the fascinating Orange Pantone coral have created a sensitive combination ”.

2. The vibrant colors
In early 2019, Apple announced the new iPad Pro. But unlike previous events, their regular invitations are replaced by something unique. In-house designers have created new bespoke versions for their logos that will then be used to send invitations to new and different personalities.

3. Pink
As mentioned, 2019 will be about capturing customer attention and stimulating emotions. What better way to do this with a little pink? Mila Jones Cann from the creative platform 99designs claims that pink is the “most popular and versatile color of the decade.”

In 2016, Pantone named Rose Quartz and Serenity was the color of the year, since then, it seems everyone is crazy about pink.

4. UFO Green
At the beginning of the year, Shuttestock announced their 2019 color trend report. “By collapsing pixel data and hex codes, we discovered the colors our customers were crazy about,” explains Eleanor Innis from Shuttestock.

5. Earth tones
“Earth tones” are emerging as a leading trend, “explained Sue Wadden, Color Marketing Manager at Sherwin-Williams with Forbes. Sue predicts that we will see earth tones going up in the coming years like taupe, green, blue, and oat colors in design publications.

If you’re looking to bridge the gap between nature and design, you’ll find these comfortable colors perfect and suitable for your design.

6. Gold color
Gold gold exudes elegance, success and victory. It also has a close relationship with royalty, property and often the class.