Architects design and earn real money from “The Sims”

Five years ago, an Australian student who studied graphic design in Italy suddenly had a stomach problem. So frustrated with lying all day on the bed, the young girl started to look at the video game-play of “The Sims” to see if she could be sad.

However, while she was too tired to support her character, she found a community of YouTuber not playing, but loved the design of the house in “The Sims”.

After returning to Australia, she began posting videos of her works on Youtube via Deligracy channel. To date, Deligracy has more than 810,000 followers, not to mention earning revenue from phones, cups, phone cases.

The unimaginable success made her leave the graphic designer job to focus on Deligracy. There are countless people willing to sit for hours just watching her tiny apartments in The Sims.
In the past few years, the fever of small apartments has flooded from the real world to virtual, namely the home in The Sims. What is the reason?

“In the design world, people start looking for small houses in the game as an alternative means of learning. It’s great to learn how to handle the narrow space to suit your lifestyle. .. “Deligracy told Fast Company via email.

In terms of design, The Sims is like an architectural simulation software, and the characters (Sims) are just a means to test the performance of the house.

With James Turner, the owner of the same YouTube channel Deligracy – The Sims Supply, with 1.1 million followers, building a home in a game or in real life is an interesting challenge.

“I love them, just like you have to solve a puzzle, install small pieces to make a big picture.”

“I know how to make an imaginary house, even know how many people they fit in. Anyway, I want it to match the game-play.”
One of Turner’s first homes in The Sims has a 4×4 area (in-game unit), though small, enough kitchens, bathrooms, beds and wardrobes … Has attracted 4.7 million view.

In particular, other players can download the design to build a new home for Sims. The magnificent luxury houses in real life do not create such great attraction.
Most fans of Youtube channel of Deligracy and Turner appreciate their design ability. Others relate to the reality because land area is smaller and smaller, living in tiny apartments that are the future of people in any country.