Essential Elements for Future Creative Directors

We are entering a new era of communication. The day-to-day communication issues of the business not only account for the bulk of the media budget, but also the bulk of the creative capital. More and more advertising companies are entering the market, more and more contracts.
Customers always expect that advertising companies will come up with the best ideas that come with smart, creative solutions every day to deserve the amount they have paid. This puts tremendous pressure on the Creative Director.
In the coming years, marketers need to redefine themselves and what they do. The idea of ​​a media plan will change. Awareness of what is “digital” and not digital will also change. Creative directors are the ones who make those changes. They are great leaders and planners.

However, creative directors will be easily removed from the advertising-marketing world, if not adapted. Whether you are a creative director of any medium, learning to change according to your needs is always a top priority.

In the past, creative directors only needed 5 to 10 ideas a year, now 5 to 10 a week. This is the communication needs of the business today. Real creative directors are not the ones complaining that their time is so short, that they always capture every real creative opportunity, even the smallest chance. There are several essentials for a modern creative director:

Have a good understanding of digital media

The first lesson for a creative director is “having a personal perspective.” Above all, a leader must be the leader. Ask yourself, what is my opinion on digital media? How do I know about it? Then find out if anyone has the same opinion with you? Are you approaching objectively or objectively? Decide how you feel about the media and aim for the media.

Promote branding in practice

Experience shows that having more time and more money will lead to better creativity but it is not easy to persuade businesses to accept this. creative directors have to step back by adopting small, effective activities for marketing campaigns. Make an effort to turn everyday, boring things into something creative and engaging.

Be an open source creativity

Often, creative directors are paid only by the customer for the finished product. Therefore, managers often focus on the product that forgets the value of the creative process. The creative director himself must “open” to receive the creations of his colleagues. Sure, that’s not entirely new ideas, but not the customers who demand a unique idea. You provide “fire,” the environment, direction, open space as well as the attitude of reception for creativity.

Capture the creativity of the masses

All employees want to prove their creativity. The creative field is full of critics and people who can kill the creative ideas that are precious. What I need to get rid of is to promote creativity for the common good. Learn to be proud of your creative ideas based on the foundation you created. It’s hard for leaders to take control of creative ideas and acknowledge the creative work of their employees.

Update knowledge

If you’re used to spending tons of money on traditional media and do not have a lot of digital activity, it’s time to reboot. Review site content, Facebook accounts, Twitter, link to web developers, mastering Facebook applications (though you do not like Facebook at all). In general, you know about traditional media, you also need the same level of knowledge about social networking, digital products and other online media formats.