Game designing is not for non-trainers

From the dragon hunts in Skyrim to the moments of sublimation on stage with Guitar Hero – has there ever been a time when you put down the handle and think about the formation of these legends?
In a technology era that is growing at a fast pace, games now have a completely different look. A world with tremendous attraction, with images, colors, and sounds with a level of authenticity that is not inferior to the real world, where gamers can immerse themselves in their own adventures.

Considered as the golden egg chickens in the modern game industry, game-makers need to converge enough, indispensable among them is shaping skills like a painter, and the skill of creating sentences, story like a writer. But most of all, they need to possess basic software and programming skills, thereby transferring their images and stories to a game.
A talented game designer needs to turn his work into a real story, with all the knots, the dramatic thrust to the climax, along with the sound environment and graphics as vivid as real. It is a necessary condition for their children to survive in the gaming market with high competitiveness.

So, how did they do that? Designing games, is it simply a mischief about software, meaningless code? Let’s find through the article below.

Game design – First steps

Just like any other design work, the first thing you need is a frame. Making a frame for a game, basically, is quite similar to building a movie. You need a story, details and characters – in particular, you need a script in hand.

This scenario will be the foundation for your child. Even the script has to be in your head before you start designing. A game without a good script will be like a hotel hard to swallow for a player, no matter how big the graphic is.
Basically, script design can be interpreted as thinking of ideas for characters, as well as your scenes, then arranging them in order. It’s like setting up a series of facts for your character, bringing that character to face the challenges of increasing difficulty. To solve these challenges, your character needs certain skills – specifically, what you choose entirely.

Along with the script, the next thing you need is a document that stores all aspects related to the game. From menu, items, skills to the story of each character. The more specific the better, and in particular, everything needs to be arranged in a certain order.
Character building is also a very important factor. This will be the most scored part of the player’s eyes, so you need to give your characters adequate attention. From the face, personality, story of the character to the very small things like smiles, costumes …, you need to make sure everything is perfect.