Creative font forecasting “deviantly” in 2019

Bringing beautiful typography into your design is one of the most effective ways to communicate as a brand. That’s why catching up with the latest font trends is absolutely essential.

Creative fonts not only bring your message but also create visual impact and emotional stimulation. Typhography can express pleasure or fear, noise or quietness. Or it can make you laugh, cringe, gasp – and contain everything in it.

Let’s look at the latest 2019 font trends below, so you can use it flexibly in your design!

  1. Bold, extra large font
    In 2019, huge, impressive and bold fonts will continue to become more and more popular with designers looking to impress. These impressive typographs dominate the design as a mainstream design element and are an obvious choice if you want your message to be clear.

Bold fonts make your logo pop on anything you put it on. Posters and leaflets will be easy to see from afar. And your website will exude a strong personality.

2. Simple “sans serif” footless font
Meet your brother against bold typography: a simple sans serif font (a serif-free font, small footer in every corner), will continue to be a favorite for simple designs in 2019. Thanks to simplicity, these fonts are very easy to work with. It does not require visualization and is very effective when used well.

The simple Sans serif makes the work clear and soft with a sense of peace and quiet. Give it space or you risk taking away its charm.

3. Classic font
The more we go to the future, the more we will be nostalgic about the past. That’s true for fashion design, furniture, and graphics. Therefore, it is not surprising that in 2019 many fonts will be recreated and tried to capture the past.
Using a nostalgic font can make a design or logo package become elegant and serious. Or daring, but nostalgic and subtle. If you want to bring a classic feeling to the modern world, this style is for you.

4. Sketched fonts
Sketched font styles will never be outdated. They provide the flexibility and flexibility of handwriting and are built on the subtle typography of calligraphers. However, this font has grown a lot and in 2019 they will bring many different shapes and styles. They can be classic or alternative, serious or cheerful. No matter which style you choose, the effect will be extremely surprising when using this type of font.

5. Border fonts
Whether you are trying to make headlines, themes or manuscripts or make the composition soft, this font will help you. With modern style from this invisible border type font helps brands look advanced and professional. Learn about it with different morphologies and sizes: big or small, often or bold, condensed or italic, rustic and handmade or smooth and sharp.